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Comes with two probe for choice, rotation probe is for instant read, external probe is for monitor.

Large bright LCD with backlit light which can be automatically off.

The thermometer can be waterproof at IP65 when the jack hole is closed properly.

Fahrenheit and Celsius switchable.

Measurement range: -50 to 300 degrees celsius
Measurement accuracy: +-1 degrees celsius at -20 to 150 degrees celsius

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  • Strong internal magnet allows the thermometer to be stuck on metal surface.
  • Hold temperature function to stop the display from changing the readout.
  • The LCD will display low battery icon when the power is low.
  • The unit is powered by 3.7V rechargeable battery.
  • Auto Shut-off after 10 minutes of inactivity if the measured temperature is below 50 degrees celsius and the changed temperature is within 3 degrees celsius.
  • User can reset the device to the factory default settings if error happens.
  • User can set high alarm temperature.
Vendor: Cut Butchery
Country of Origin: China