Cut Butchery Store Value E-Card

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Earn 5-10% more in value when you purchase a Store Value E-Card!

Purchase $400 and receive $420 in value.

Purchase $600 and receive $660 in value.

The Store Value E-Card will be issued to you via Email, and will be applicable for all Cut Butchery Online Orders only.

Note: You will receive the $400 or $600 store value card immediately upon purchase via email. The bonus $20 or $60 store value will be issued to you within the next 3 days.

To Use:
Copy the e-code from email and apply code at check out.
Post transaction, an email containing information relating to the remaining card balance will be sent to you.
Photos are for illustration purposes only.
Vendor: Cut Butchery
Denominations: $420, $660